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"Brad & Ron are the best realtors with whom we have ever worked.… We sold our home in one day, and got the full price we were asking! Ron and Brad were committed to keeping our interests in mind throughout escrow as well. If we had tried to do this on our own, the sale would have surely fallen through. Brad & Ron knew that this was a stressful & emotional time for us. They offered us only sage guidance and responsive care. We never worried, because we knew we were in good hands.
We will keep recommending Ron & Brad. They know their business - Los Angeles Real Estate, and taking good care of their buyers & sellers."


-Rae Dawn Hadinger



"My wife and I were looking to purchase a house during a seller's market.  We were interested in a house that was very desirable with many bids already. With both my wife and I being doctors, we had certain special needs of a Realtor.  Not only do we feel that Ron Roth made the difference in the seller choosing us, he exceed our expectations along the entire course of the purchase!  His professionalism, integrity and genuine passion of his profession set him apart from the pack.  He really understood our needs as medical professionals and the details of our business.  I continue to use Ron Roth as my exclusive agent be it personal or business endeavors."


~ Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S



 " I really enjoyed my experience working with Brad Reed, and The Premier Group in general.  Brad successfully guided us through many of the pitfalls of home-buying, tirelessly searched for good homes in our budget, diligently researched potential opportunities and joyfully celebrated with us when escrow closed on our first new home.  My husband and I couldn't have been more pleased with the level of service, commitment and knowledge."


- Jeana Taylor




Congratulations on your great work on selling our home so quickly and in such a professional manner. We truly appreciated your professional advice and guidance through this process."


~ Robert Balbuena, Attorney



"I've known Brad for over 20 years and he is the best Realtor I have ever known. Honest, sincere and easy to work with."


- Deborah Hartman



 "Dear Ron,

Just a note of appreciation for the wonderful job you did in making my first home purchase a positive experience. Your patience and attentiveness in finding that perfect house with "curb appeal" along with the effort and accessibility you gave through out the closing process (and beyond) was a great comfort. Ron, your professionalism was first class and your performance level was always 100%. Thank you again for all of your help.  I'll be sure to refer my friends and co-workers to you, as well as call on you again possibly in a few years."


~ Kenny Micka, TV Producer



"Brad never pushed us into anything we weren't comfortable with".


- Joanna McNeil



 "To Whom It May Concern,

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Ron Roth.  He is in the real estate profession. I purposely use the word profession as he is a professional NOT a salesman. If what you want is a hard working, honest, ethical representative...Ron Roth is your man. I have referred many people to Ron, and I can honestly say that every one of them has been very pleased with him.  I personally have purchased two properties directly through him, and have leased & sold several more through him.  I would not use any other real estate person, other then Ron."


~ Wendell Jackson, Retired



"From start to finish you guys were fantastic...I have never wanted/needed better service in my life…Stick with whatever you are doing.  I will recommend you to any and all"


- David Hadinger



"To Whom It May Concern,

Mr. Roth was very helpful from the beginning of the home hunting process.  He made useful suggestions that helped me organize my thoughts and determine what type of home I really wanted.  He promptly answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial the inquiry.  Mr. Roth thoroughly explained the steps required and the possible outcomes of my offers.  He put a good deal of effort into making the offers as attractive as possible.  I feel his experience and attention to detail allowed me to get a high quality home for the amount of money I could pay.  During the escrow period, Mr. Roth continued to work for my interests, answering my questions and generally facilitating the prompt transfer of title."


~  Michael E. Wilford, CPA



 "Brad was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable regarding the area.…He was available not only before the sale, but after the sale as well.…I hope to work with Brad again in the future."


- Sheila Lozano



"To Whom It May Concern,

In looking for a Realtor, we needed someone who would listen and hear all of our specialized requirements and there were many. In the months that followed he persevered by showing patience, humor and  a professionalism throughout.  With the multiple offers, the defects and the needle in the haystack, we finally found the "winner".  We value Ron's opinion and diplomacy and would not hesitate to use him in another transaction or recommend him to anyone who is serious about acquiring a home."


~ Richard Staller, Graphic Artist



"Willingness to take extra time to clarify and explain the process. Thanks!"


- David Callaghan



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